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Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Machine

  • DEAL BEAUTY GIFT CHOICE: It is perfect for those has oily skin or mix oily skin. Enjoy our skin firming device on home or trip, you do not need spending much in the beauty salon! It Enhance the regeneration of collagen and Increase skin elasticity. Fit for all kinds of skin. Awesome gift for your mom and girlfriend.
  • MAKE SKIN LOOK YOUNGER: Comfortable and painless when using this skin toing device, just like a warm SPA. Vibration and warm massage, open the skin absorption channel, awaken skin vitality. Ion vibration import, promote nutrition import, improve absorption of skin care products, make skin tender and elastic.
  • SKIN REJUVENATION & ANTI AGE: Activate collagen, promotes skin microcirculation. Lifting and firming skin, lighten fine lines, help create V shaped face. Improve the loose skin condition in a fast way, make you younger with smoother skin. You can feel skin tightening after the first time use.
  • FOR DEEP CLEANING: Using principle of positive and negative charge ion opposites attract, using current to export deep dirt on pores, make skin clean. To clean and rejuvenate, first use the instrument to do the export cleaning, and then use the facial cleanser to clean the face (no need to match the instrument). Deep cleansing, export the dirt deep in the pores to the skin surface, and then use the facial cleanser to clean the surface dirt.
  • HOW TO USE: Press and hold the power for 3 seconds to boot. Short press the power selection mode. Charging Instructions: When charging starts, the battery indicator light flashes, and the charging indicator light stops flashing, indicating that charging is complete, just unplug the power supply.

Product description

1. Eyecare, fade eye bags and dark circles, improve puffiness and massage eye skin, import eye cream.
2. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry when traveling.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Ion Import Machine
Material: ABS
Mode: 5 Types
Gears: 3 Gears
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Power Supply: USB Charging
Battery Capacity: 500 MAh
Battery Model: 14500

Use Note:
1. Suitable for sensitive skin, the intensities can be adjusted, for sensitive skin, adjust to low gear mode, the first time the instrument is used by people with sensitive skin, it is not recommended to use every day, once or twice a week.
2. When using the beauty instrument, hold the sensor strip on the back of the machine body with your fingers, the massage head contacts the skin, and forms a circuit with the human body.
3. If it needs to be used on the face of another person, the instrument needs to be in contact with the user's limb to form a loop, otherwise, the instrument cannot work normally.
4. After use, slightly moisten a clean cotton pad and wipe the head of the instrument.
5. The instrument cannot be turned on while charging, please use it after full of charge

Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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