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Solar Powered 30000mAh Powerbank

Solar Powered 30000mAh Powerbank

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Solar Powered 30000mAh Powerbank, your ultimate solution for portable, eco-friendly charging on the go. This powerful and versatile power bank harnesses the sun's energy to keep your devices powered up wherever you are.

With a massive 30000mAh capacity, this power bank provides ample energy to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it's your smartphone, tablet, camera, or other USB-enabled gadgets, this power bank has got you covered. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety during outdoor adventures, travel, or emergencies.

The built-in high-efficiency solar panel allows you to harness the power of the sun to recharge the power bank itself. Simply place the power bank under direct sunlight, and it will start converting solar energy into usable power. This feature ensures that you have a backup power source even in remote areas where electricity may not be readily available.

Equipped with multiple USB ports and advanced charging technology, this power bank delivers fast and efficient charging for your devices. The intelligent charging circuitry identifies the optimal charging rate for each device, ensuring maximum compatibility and safety. You can charge your devices quickly and securely, without worrying about overcharging or short-circuiting.

Designed with durability in mind, the Solar Powered 30000mAh Powerbank is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. The shockproof and dustproof construction makes it perfect for camping, hiking, beach trips, and other outdoor activities. It also features an LED flashlight with multiple modes, serving as a handy tool during emergencies or as a convenient light source in the dark.

This power bank is not only a reliable charging companion but also an environmentally conscious choice. By harnessing solar power, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. With its sleek and compact design, it easily fits in your backpack, purse, or glove compartment, ensuring you have power wherever you go.

Invest in the Solar Powered 30000mAh Powerbank today and never run out of power again. Stay connected, stay prepared, and stay eco-friendly with this exceptional portable charging solution.

Number of Cells: 1pcs
Brand Name: ONLENY
Type: Solar Cells
Size: 13.2*7*1.9cm
Max. Power: Solar Charging: 5V/200mA
Number of Panels: 1
Flexible Solar Panel: Yes
Model Number: Solar Battery/powerbank
Nominal Capacity: 300000mAh
is_customized: Yes
Foldable Solar Panel: No
Material: ABS Silicone
Feature1: Large Capacity
Feature2: Solar powerbank
Feature3: LED Light
Model: power bank 30000mAh

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