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Glow in Dark Wall Stickers

Glow in Dark Wall Stickers

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Glow in Dark Wall Stickers

  • 【1028 Stars And Dots Plus 1 Giant The Moon 】 - More than 1000 star stickers a set bring you to a beautiful starry sky when the night falls. Wall star stickers in your hands add up to a great miracle.
  • 【Eco Ingredients】 - The ceiling stars are made with luminous material that non-toxic and eco-friendly, waterproof, pressure-resistant, and durable fluorescent PVC making them perfectly safe for children. The smallest star diameter is 0.4 Inches ( 1 Cm ) and the biggest star diameter is 5.5 Inches ( 14 Cm ). The diameter of the moon is 11 Inches ( 28 Cm ).
  • 【The Moon And Star Set Are of Extraordinary Beauty】 - The glow stars not only can be used as kids' toys but also beautiful kid's room decoration, wall stickers, ceiling décor, and your great party favor for wedding, anniversary birthday, etc.
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTION Glowing Stars】 - Just place on any surface, turn on the light for 30 minutes then darken the room and enjoy your nighttime view. The longer time luminous stickers absorb sunlight or light at daytime, the greater the light intensity, the perfecter the effect at night.
  • 【Perfect Star Wall Decal Art Decor】- The moon’s bright rays illuminate any room that kid doesn't like the dark. What’s more, the luminous stickers can create a warm atmosphere to help your kids or lovers fall asleep quickly.


stars for ceiling kids wall sticker

Looking for a bright way to sparkle up a child's bedroom?

Wanting a touch of romance in your room at night?


With this glow-in-the-dark galaxy set, it adds the look of a real night sky. No more plastic synthetic look.

In the day time it's a white clean look, the dots merge with the wall. And in the dark, the room becomes a starry shiny bedroom.


252 Wall Decals to Create your own Galaxy.

Dimensions of Vinyl Wall Decals:

15 dots, each 0.8 x 0.8 inch 120 dots, each 0.6 x 0.6 inch 117 dots, each 0.4 x 0.4 inch 1 moon, 3.2 x 3.2 inch


Easy To Apply : Just Peel And Stick

The decals will stay securely attached, till you remove them.

Safe for wall - will not mark or damage your walls.

Perfect for kids' rooms- your child will be happy to sleep in his own room all night. The stars light help the children fall asleep.


They look white when it is lights on & glow when lights out . Make a lasting impression!

Hold the decals for about 3 minutes and about 8" under a lamp to activate the decals prior to installation. Peel the stickers and easily stick them to the wall or ceiling.

Turn off the light & enjoy the magic.

Perfect Gift For The One You Love

Glow in Dark Wall Stickers

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