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Adjustable Self Watering Spikes

Adjustable Self Watering Spikes

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Adjustable Self Watering Spikes 

  • Water will flow slowly through the ceramic cone, watering the plants automatically, without setting a timer, and without having to worry about the electronic device turning on when you leave. This is the perfect choice for watering any indoor plant.

  • Self-watering probes are a simple and effective way to water plants during a holiday.

  • This high-quality design, using Chinese plant drinking water, without power, automatically keeps the soil of potted plants at moisture levels.

  • Just immerse them in the water for a few minutes to prepare the tip, then insert the probe into the soil of the potted plant and place the ends of the hose in a nearby pool.

  • Product description

    Adjustable Switch, It can be adjusted to provide appropriate water according to different plant needs, can control the velocity of flow, so you don't have to worry about the water being too fast or the hole being blocked.
    Easy to use, No dangerous trepanning and trouble preparing work, Just put in the right bottle.(Dr.Pepper, Pepsi,coca-cola, Lipton, Deet Coke, Aquafina, or another bottle that has a 1.1inch inner diameter capsule.)
    The new upgrade gives Plant Watering stakes a better airtightness, which makes the water in the bottle not flooded your flower box and killed everything.

    How To Use:
    1) Insert the control valve into the plant waterer
    2) Take a suitable plastic bottle and fill it with water
    3) Install the plant waterer to the filled bottle
    4) Flip over the bottle and insert the watering spikes into the soil


    Type: Watering Kits
    Material: PLASTIC

    Adjustable Self Watering Spikes

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