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Invisible UV ink pen

Invisible UV ink pen

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The Invisible UV Ink Pen is perfect for a wide range of applications. Want to leave hidden messages for your friends? With this pen, you can write on any surface, and the ink remains completely invisible under normal lighting conditions. But here's the exciting part – when you shine the built-in UV light (included with the pen) on your message, it magically appears, revealing your hidden words! Imagine the look of surprise and wonder on your friends' faces as they discover your secret messages.

Invisible Ink Pen
Hopes to give you the best life concept.


  • Children like to explore new secrets, and the invisible ink pen will bring them surprises.
  • The party needs a good atmosphere, and its surprising performance will surprise you and your friends.
  • Let the children have fun and enjoy things, so that they know more about gratitude.
  • This pen provides exquisite gifts for your relatives, friends, students, birthdays, surprise parties, etc.!


spy pen

Invisible Ink Pen

Invisible Ink Pens 16 pcs

Is there a child in the world who doesn't like the idea of sending secret messages with invisible ink?

When writing with this pen, the notes will disappear quickly. Only when the purple lamp on the pen gai'zi is used to illuminate the pen, the notes can be clearly seen.

The color of the pen case is different, but the ink is the same color

Invisible Ink Pens

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It can be written on any plane, T-shirt, wall, etc...

So, why wait? Unleash your creativity, enhance your security, and have a blast with the Invisible UV Ink Pen. Get yours today and start exploring the invisible world of possibilities!
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