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Elixir Quartz Crystal Gemstones Water Bottle

Elixir Quartz Crystal Gemstones Water Bottle

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Introducing the Elixir Quartz Crystal Gemstones Water Bottle – a luxurious and innovative way to enhance your hydration experience! Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this beautiful water bottle combines the benefits of crystal healing with the functionality of a high-quality water container.


Crystal Water Bottle Quartz Gemstone Infused Elixir

It is a thing conceived by nature for thousands of years. 100% natural crystal can adjust the human body's magnetic field and eliminate its own negative energy. White crystal can improve memory. Amethyst represents loyal love, topaz symbolizes material and wealth and can bring wealth to people. Tea crystal tea crystal is the representative of health crystal. It can relieve mental pressure, promote the development of regeneration ability, enhance immunity and rejuvenate children. No matter you are lively, enthusiastic, introverted and unrestrained, you can control powder crystal well. Pink crystal is also a love gem to promote emotional intimacy and conclude a beautiful marriage. The color of obsidian is like eyes. It injects vitality into obsidian. It is a gem suitable for all ages. It can avoid the interference of negative energy, eliminate disease and bring people a healthy, happy and normal life. It has the reputation of "Black King Kong warrior". Natural crystal is rich in minerals. After running, exercise, yoga, dancing and meditation, it can provide trace minerals for the human body. In addition, this unique crystal bottle is an excellent choice even as a collection and decoration.


Crystal Glass Water Bottle Energy Bottle Wellness Gem Water Bottle

Crystal glass water bottle energy bottle wellness gem water bottle with removable natural crystal center. A unique cystal water bottle that can revitalizes your water by acting as a water structure device, removable crystal make it easy to clean.





Obsidian bracelets can eliminate fatigue. Obsidian corresponds to the sea chakra. In addition to eliminating negative energy from the body, it helps to eliminate fatigue and stress, and expel the body's turbidity. Obsidian bracelets can enhance defense capabilities for people with bad luck and have the function of transport.

White Crystal

White crystal maintains health, balances personal physical and mental functions, helps the wearer's emotional stability and calms the nerves, and is of great help to human health. White crystal can also help improve memory. Putting white crystals on the children's desks can strengthen the children's concentration and memory.

Purple Cystal

Amethyst can develop human wisdom and also represents wisdom crystal. Generally, women wear it to beautify the skin. If a large amount of raw ore like amethyst caves, it can be used as a treasure of Fengshui and improve wealth.




Yellow Crystal

Yellow crystal is also called smoky crystal. This kind of crystal can regulate people's magnetic field, soothe people's emotions, enhance people's immunity, and relieve people's aging.

Colored Fluorite

Fluorite can help the mind to stay awake, and it has a stimulus that works together in the right brain to deepen the ability to think. Fluorite is a gemstone of the brow chakra. It has miraculous effects on headaches, migraines and headaches. It can be used for meditation and inspiration, and help eliminate emotional distress.

Pink Crystal

Pink crystals are generally used to enhance interpersonal relationships and attract peach blossoms. And this crystal strengthens the health of the heart and lungs. Can make the wearer cheerful.

Key Features:
1. High-quality glass body for a pure and clean drinking experience
2. Removable base for easy cleaning and crystal replacement
3. Natural quartz crystal gemstones for enhanced energy and well-being
4. Leak-proof design and stainless steel lid for spill-free use
5. Convenient size and integrated carrying handle for portability
6. Stylish and eco-friendly packaging, perfect for gifting

Elevate your hydration routine and experience the harmonizing power of quartz crystals with the Elixir Quartz Crystal Gemstones Water Bottle. Embrace wellness in style and sip your way to a renewed sense of vitality. Order yours today and discover the transformative properties of crystal-infused water!

Drinkware Type: Water Bottles
Water Flowing Method: Direct Drinking
Material: Glass
Supply Type: In-Stock Items
Applicable People: Adults
Shape: With Lid
Model Number: as shown
Thermal Insulation Performance: Thermal Insulation
Certification: CE / EU,CIQ
Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Outdoor Activity: Tour
Boiling Water: Applicable
Anti-corrosion Coating: Not Equipped
Brand Name: MUQGEW
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