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Glow In The Dark Shoelace

Glow In The Dark Shoelace

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Glow In The Dark Shoelace

  • CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS: Glowing Shoelaces are a fantastic GLOW IN THE DARK party accessory. Specifically designed to reveal how our laces are different from others, also take your night runs to the next level!
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    5 Pairs Shoelaces

    -Luminous lace is woven from polyester filament, It is a new kind of textile material. After absorbing visible light for 10 minutes, it glows continuously in the dark for more than 10 hours.

    -Bright shoelaces for concerts, night events, birthday parties, carnivals, balls, carnivals and celebrations, Christmas, outdoor activities and holidays.


    Product Details





    Polyester filament + luminous PP line


    White, yellow, pink, light blue, sky blue


    100 cm/39.37 inches


    Matching style

    Sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes, canvas shoes, skate shoes, etc.

Product description

The shoelaces are made of nylon, which is very easy to tie. 6 pairs of laces in a pack with 6 different colors: Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Orange.
LED laces light up your "kicks" and let you break it out on the dance floor in style.
Perfect for parties, night activities, safety, and all kinds of nightlife fun!
Great for any type of lace-up shoes such as skate shoes, roller skates, roller blades, ice skates, and more!

Powered by: 2 x CR2032 button cell batteries for each shoelace
Shoelace material: Nylon
The total length of a shoelace: about 40.5 inches

Instruction for use:
1.Remove the insulated piece
2.Press the white button for different light settings and also to turn it off.
3.The batteries can last for about 30 hours when the light stays on

Glow In The Dark Shoelace

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