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Smart Fingerprint Lock

Smart Fingerprint Lock

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Smart Fingerprint Lock

  • 【Fingerprint Padlock】Your finger is the key, to keep your property away from the thief. Fingerprint padlock supports 20 group of fingerprint, 0.2s quickly unlock. Easy and convenient.
  • 【Smart Bluetooth Padlock】The gym locker lock can record unlock the person, unlock time, and other history. Register fingerprints in the App and remotely authorize your closer to unlock.
  • 【Large Battery Capacity】The padlock has low power consumption and a long standby time. A 110MAH rechargeable lithium battery can support about 6-month of standby time and unlock about 2000 times. Use the USB cable or power bank to charge the lock.(Including USB Cable)
  • 【Smart Small Padlock】Equipment with a waterproof rubber stopper to prevent water from entering the charging port at the bottom of the lock. Note: The lock does not support immersion in water for a long time, please keep the lock dry when unlocking.
  • 【Combo Lock】Size of the padlock is 1.7in*0.6in*2.5in. Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, combo lock has excellent cut resistance, protect your private property, for gym locker, school lockers, storage box, cabinets, tool boxes, fishing tackle boxes etc.

Product Description

fingerprint lock

Easy to use

Bluetooth lock

Bluetooth APP Unlock and Control

  • You phone is the key, easy to operate the eSmartlock APP
  • Support 1 admin account (the first setting lock) and 500+ normal users
  • Share unlock permissions, check real-time unlock records, register or delete fingerprints, set unlocking schedules etc.

thumbprint unlock

Fingerprint Unlock

  • Record up 20 different fingers
  • 0.2s faster unlock
  • 360° Fingerprint Recognition

More functions


Warm tips:Unlocking with fingerprints, wipe the water stains on the fingerprint recognition area and keep your fingers dry


Long standby time

  • Gift USB cable
  • Charge 30mins,6 months standby

small size lock

Light and portable

  • small compact size, easy to use anywhere.

battery indicator

Low battery reminder

  • When remaining power is less than 20%, the red light on when unlocked.
  • When charging the red light is on , after fully charging the red light is off.

Smart Fingerprint Lock

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    Unlocking the Future: Exploring the Wonders of Smart Fingerprint Locks

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of security technology, smart fingerprint locks have emerged as a cutting-edge solution, revolutionizing traditional methods of access control. Leveraging biometric and digital advancements, these locks provide a secure and convenient way to protect your belongings. Let's delve into the world of smart fingerprint locks, exploring their features, advantages, disadvantages, and various use cases.

    Biometric Lock Evolution

    Understanding Biometric Locks:

    Biometric locks, particularly those utilizing fingerprint security, represent a significant leap in security technology. These locks rely on unique biological features, such as fingerprints, to grant access, ensuring a personalized and secure experience.

    Digital Fingerprint Padlock:

    A key player in the biometric lock category, the digital fingerprint padlock combines the sophistication of digital technology with the simplicity of fingerprint identification. This innovation eliminates the need for traditional keys or codes, streamlining the access process.

    Unlocking Advantages

    1. Unparalleled Security:

    Smart fingerprint locks offer a high level of security, as each individual's fingerprint is unique. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, enhancing overall protection.

    2. Convenient Access:

    With touch identification technology, users can access their secured spaces effortlessly. The touch and go feature simplifies the unlocking process, making it convenient for users of all ages.

    3. Keyless Entry Ease:

    Keyless entry padlocks eliminate the hassle of carrying keys, which can be lost or misplaced. Users can enjoy the convenience of accessing their lock with a simple touch, providing a seamless experience.

    4. Advanced Locking Mechanism:

    The advanced fingerprint locking mechanism ensures accuracy and speed in granting access. This not only enhances security but also saves valuable time, especially in high-traffic areas.

    5. Smart Access Control:

    The integration of smart access control features allows users to manage and monitor access remotely. This is particularly useful for businesses, rental properties, or homeowners who want to grant or restrict access with ease.

    Examining Disadvantages

    1. Initial Cost Investment:

    One of the primary drawbacks of smart fingerprint locks is the initial cost. These advanced security solutions may require a higher upfront investment compared to traditional locks.

    2. Technical Glitches:

    As with any electronic device, smart fingerprint locks may experience technical glitches. These could range from software malfunctions to sensor issues, requiring troubleshooting or professional assistance.

    Applications and Use Cases

    1. Home Security:

    Smart fingerprint locks offer homeowners a reliable and convenient way to secure their residences. With keyless entry and remote access control, residents can enjoy peace of mind.

    2. Business and Commercial Spaces:

    In commercial settings, such as offices or retail establishments, these locks provide a secure solution for restricted areas. Business owners can easily manage employee access and monitor entry logs.

    3. Travel and Luggage Security:

    Smart fingerprint padlocks are an excellent choice for securing luggage during travel. The keyless and secure nature of these locks adds an extra layer of protection for belongings.

    4. Educational Institutions:

    Schools and universities can benefit from the enhanced security offered by biometric locks. Access control can be efficiently managed, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

    Future-Forward Security

    Futuristic Lock Technology:

    The incorporation of futuristic fingerprint technology positions these locks at the forefront of security advancements. With touch-enabled features and state-of-the-art design, they represent the future of secure access control.

    Innovative Thumbprint Technology:

    The use of innovative thumbprint technology further enhances the overall security and convenience of these locks. Users can experience a seamless and reliable unlocking process.


    In conclusion, smart fingerprint locks stand as a testament to the evolution of security technology. Balancing convenience and security, these locks offer a keyless, biometric solution for various applications. While there are initial costs and potential technical glitches to consider, the advantages, including unparalleled security and advanced access control, make them a compelling choice for those seeking cutting-edge security solutions. As technology continues to advance, smart fingerprint locks are poised to play a pivotal role in securing the future.

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