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Trendy DIY Slushy Cup, Trending Tiktok Items

Trendy DIY Slushy Cup, Trending Tiktok Items

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Trendy DIY Slushy Cup, Trending Tiktok Items

Brand Color Land
Color Blue
Special Feature Manual
Style Tableware
Theme Food

Food grade material: This slushie maker magic cup body uses food-grade silicone, soft and non-deformable; EVA; PP.

Two in one: The slushy maker cup come with lids, and a two in one spoon straw. A spoon connected to the straw can be used as a spoon or as a straw, make slushy easier.

Healthy fast DIY smoothie: Pour any drink(must be cold as well) you like, like the juice or soda etc. and squeeze it. Just 2 minutes like slushie machine, you get slushy.

Creative gift: No complicated steps, everyone can make smoothies slushy at home and enjoy the process. This slushie maker cup is an excellent creative gift for lovers, families, friends, coworkers, classmates, and kids. This cool gadgets stuff tiktok trend items is good choices for birthdays, graduation, ceremony, and Christmas gift.

Magic fun: Through the built-in heat exchanged freezing liquid(salt and water, do not use or drink if it leak), no electricity is needed like an ice cream maker machine or frozen drink machine, just keep squeezing then you can make delicious slushy anytime anywhere, safe and healthy.

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Precautions for use

  • Do not use sharp objects to stir in the cup to prevent damage to the cup wall
  • Don't squeeze too hard, since the ice may cause sharp angle and damage the icebag, and cause leakage.
  • DO NOT USE it if you find the liquid pack leakage. No worry about the inside ingredients, it is safe liquid, just water and salt.
  • Put the cup body in the freezer 4-6 hours before use.
  • Do not fill the drink too much, the drink should be cold and not exceed 2/3 of the cup body
  • The applicable temperature of the cup is -25° to 60°, and hot water is not allowed.
  • It takes longer for milk products to be made into smoothies than soda or juice, Leave the milk products in the cup for 3-4 minutes before squeezing. In order to prolong the service life of the cup, it is recommended to store the ice pack layer in the freezer until the next use.
  • Make sure to wash it every time it is used. The silicone outer cup and ice pack can only be washed by hand in cold or warm water, and the other parts can be machine-washed.

Trendy DIY Slushy Cup, Trending Tiktok Items

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